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Twist of Fate
Twist of Fate
Ground Zero/Sacred Ground
Ground Zero/
Sacred Ground
Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion
Nine Lives
Nine Lives
Yours for the Taking
Yours for the Taking
Heavenly Bodies
Heavenly Bodies


(2007 • 5 minutes)
Co-directed/co-produced by Karen Aqua & Ken Field
Animation: Karen Aqua
Music: Ken Field

Sensorium still

A hand-drawn experimental animation exploring the relationship between music and image. Inspired by dance gestures and movements found in nature such as water and tide pools, the film is a study of sound/motion synthesis. An alphabet of abstract animated and musical gestures combine in various configurations to create a lush visual rhythm.

"Award-winning animator Karen Aqua joins forces with her musician husband Ken Field, and the result is an imaginative, experimental film exploring the relationship between music and image."

— Starz Denver Film Festival

"It is a graceful gift; a very elegant homage to Fischinger; restrained and mature; a breath of fresh air."

— George Griffin

"As its title suggests, Sensorium is a trippy, kaleidoscopic sojourn for the senses. A kind of Fantasia in miniature, Karen Aqua’s dreamscape features waltzing amoebas swirling amid bursts of brilliant color."

— Mark Griffin, The Boston Globe

Black Maria Film & Video Festival, 2007: Director’s Choice Award
ASIFA-East Animation Awards, NYC, 2008: Excellence in Experimental Techniques

29th Starz Denver Film Festival, Official Selection (World Premiere)
Humboldt International Film Festival, California, 2007
PA Festival of Films, 2007
Visual Music Marathon, Boston, MA, 2007
Not Still Art Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2007
Sheridan Film Festival, Wyoming, 2007
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia, 2007
Córdoba International Animation Festival, Argentina, 2007
Philadelphia Film Festival, 2008
Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois, 2008
Athens International Film and Video Festival, Ohio, 2008
Bimini International Animated Film Festival, Latvia/Georgia, 2008
Anima Mundi, Brazil, 2008
Motion Graphics Festival, Cambridge/Boston, MA, 2009
Red Stick International Animation Festival, 2009
Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (KAFI), Michigan, 2009
Punto y Raya Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2011
Arlington Short Animation Film Festival, Arlington, MA, 2013
Arlington International Film Festival, Arlington, MA. 2013

Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, 2007
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, 2007
Siggraph, 2009

Film Collection:
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Animation: Karen Aqua
Music Composed by: Ken Field
Post-Production: Francois Berelowitch
Recording Engineer: Andy Pinkham
     Mimi Rabson: 5-string violin
     Leslie Moye: cello
     Carol Namkoong: piano
     Phil Neighbors: drums
Copyright © 2003—2015 Karen Aqua & Ken Field